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    Constant evolution...

  • GarciaStromberg | GS4Studios

    About GS

    We are architects, interior designers, graphic designers, artists and musicians. Collectively we assist in the entire development process. Within our architecture, animation & recording studios, our work embodies all forms of media.

    Collaboration is a core belief and a way of thinking at Garcia Stromberg and its mandated across any project, ensuing total participation of all clients and consultants, resulting in a team of one that together creates, inspires and fosters participation on all levels, from inception to completion. We listen, we understand, we integrate our expertise, and we deliver solutions effectively, on time within budget.

  • GarciaStromberg | GS4Studios

    Jorge Garcia

    An honor graduate of the University of Miami, Jorge has been the driving force behind the firm’s growth and development since 1987. Prior experience includes earning a reputation with highly acclaimed architectural as well as land development firms, where he grew to understand the importance of leadership within an organization, the community and the unique ability of integrating innovative architecture with rational business criteria in a balanced format.

    Jorge’s primary focuses are corporate leadership, design vision, collaboration and growth development for the firm’s philosophical ideals. Jorge is a licensed architect in 13 states with expertise in the design of national and international facilities including hotel & resorts, commercial, institutional, mixed-use developments and residential projects.

    He is a sought after authority on the realities and challenges clients face in the planning, approval and entitlement processes found in today’s challenging development environment.

  • GarciaStromberg | GS4Studios

    Peter Stromberg

    As a graduate of Mississippi State University, Peter’s design vision has been the guiding force behind a number of notable national and international projects. Bringing to the firm a thorough understanding of contemporary as well as vernacular theories of architecture, he has excelled in combining clear, powerful ideas with the pragmatic needs of the client to create buildings that work beautifully.

    With over 20 years of experience, Peter immerses himself in all of his projects, overseeing everything from initial design to presentation drawings to construction.